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In order to serve you better and to provide the best care to you for your skin, we ask you to order our products by phone. 484-351-8268

Skin lighteners are amoung the most confusing cosmetic products we have available to us.  Used without your dermatologist's guidance, they can damage your skin. Many people need stronger ingediants, and some need ingrediants that will simply bring gradual lihtening over time. 

There are many things, whether natural or scientific, that you can do in order to attain a flawless and light looking skin. The basic rule is to stay out of the SUN. In order to avoid getting sunburned, you need to use sunscreen or any protective gear so that you will not be overexposed to UV rays. You can also lighten your skin from the inside in a natural way.

Frst and foremost, it is necessary for you to visit Dr. Mash or one of our professionals to be able to find a definite solution for your skin problem. We will be able to assess what your skin is going through. Additionally, we will suggest a particular product that can remedy such skin issues. We will also tell you what particular skin lightener can best suit your skin, the ways to use it and number of times to apply it. 

Take advantage of our free consultation so that we will be able to assess your skin issue and recommend the best solution.
Glytone Essentials Rejuvenate with Additives- The Dr. Mash "Miracle "Mix"1
Nick-named Dr. Mash's "Miracle Mix" by her patients, Gytone Essentials with additives is prescription strength and requires a first time purchase consultation that can be done by phone. (Email us or phone us to arrange consultation.)

This special complex includes the additives 0.1% Retin-A, 6% Hydroquinione, and an SPF of 15. The daily lotion utilizes pure glycolic acid, the AHA with the smallest molecule size and greatest penetration.

Through the use of this lotion, Glytone allows you to achieve benefits in the simplest and most effective way.

Glytone Essentials Rejuvenate Daily Lotion SPF 15 really does rejuvenate and protect your skin.

The lotion is lightweight and oil-free, combining 10% glycolic acid, Retin-A, and Hq with SPF 15 protection. A unique, patented microvesicle delivery system slowly releases skin-enhancing glycolic acid, Retin-A, and moisturizing agents throughout the day. It smooths, softens and retexturizes skin for a healthy looking complexion.

Recommended Use:
Shake well before use. After using the appropriate cleanser, gently smooth over clean, dry skin. Use over lines and creases. Apply to face and neck, prior to sun exposure. Use as a night treatment or during the day under makeup.

Once you use this product, you too will be asking for Dr. Mash's "Miracle Mix!" .

2 fl.oz.
$ 70.00
MJM Skin Tone Enhancement Therapy Lotion
Great for hyperpigmentation, this lotion delivers powerful lightening results without irritation by combining a solution and lotion base.

Potent hydroquinone alternatives - kojic acid, arbutrin, and bearberry -- transform the complexion by fading discoloration and improving skin tone.

Powerful antioxidants soothe, hydrate, and protect against damaging free radicals and UV rays.

-Lightens dark spots and discoloration.
-Soothes and hydrates.
-Enhances skin's radiance.
-Protects against premature aging caused by free radicals.
-Free of hydroquinone and acetone.
$ 60.00
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