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Earlobe Repair

Cosmetic Dermatology
Torn earlobes or deformities of pierced ears usually occur as a result of trauma or earrings that are too heavy. If your earlobes   are stretched or split all the way down the middle, we can repair them with a fairly simple surgical procedure, which can be performed in our offices. Dr. Mash can also reduce the size of your earlobes.

The earlobe is anesthetized with a very tiny needle. The only pain associated with the procedure is a little pinch of the needle and    a mild burning sensation as the anesthesia enters the area. The deformity is repaired by making an incision in the split or stretched earlobe and closing the two ends together to fuse as they heal. This will require sutures both inside and outside of the earlobe. The wound will be allowed to heal, and in one week the sutures will be removed.

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