Patient secure communication for and from Dr. Mash - Marlene J. Mash, MD

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Patient secure communication for and from Dr. Mash

Patient Forms:
We have updated our Privacy Forms to reflect the new requirements and guidelines regarding your PATIENT RIGHTS. If you have any questions regarding your rights, we will be happy to explain them to you.
Click on the appropriate form(s) or "Patient Rights Booklet" below to read and/or print:
Please Note: All forms are PDF files. You will need Adobe 6.0 reader or higher to read and/or print. If you need to download the free reader, please go to: Get Adobe Reader Now (free download)
· Patient Privacy Rights 2017 (Print, sign, and bring to your first appointment with us. Please do not email. We are required to have your original signature on file.
· "Your Medical Rights" (Please read and/or print.) If you would like us to explain your rights to you, please feel free to ask any staff member.
Although there is no charge for your copy of your medical file, there is a nominal cost of 15 cents per page and the actual cost of postage. Electronic copies are provided free of cost to the patient. Please print and read the Medical Rights PDF above for more information.
T he Patient Portal:
Dr. Marlene Mash is pleased to provide her patients with access to a NEW and SECURE patient portal, "mypatientvisit." Click on the image below to enter the portal.
· First time users will be required to LOGIN and choose a password. This new login will enable patients to access information regarding their visits, medical records, insurance on file, and medical history. Patients will also be able to securely email providers directly.*
*(If you were a user of our old portal, you will need to login with a new-user account and password.)
Special Note: if you are asked for a practice ID, please enter COLPLA
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