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WRINKLE RELAXERS: Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®,

All three procedures involve the use of a form of the toxin which causes botulism to temporarily paralyze the muscles, thus minimizing or eliminating unwanted lines and wrinkles. The amounts used in an average treatment are far below the toxic range, with an incredible safety margin.

No sedation or topical anesthetic creams are required for the injections, and our patients are able to resume normal activities immediately
after treatment.

Any short-term redness or swelling that may infrequently occur can be treated with ice and normally resolve quickly. Results should be visible within ten days after treatment. During that time patients are encouraged to use the muscles treated, but not to rub or otherwise manipulate the treated area.

All are FDA approved and are injected with a very tiny needle into the muscles that cause the frown lines. They work by blocking the release of the chemical which causes the muscles to contract. Over time the system is regenerated and you can return in four to six months for reinjection.

The good news is that studies show your muscles may lose some of their memory for frowning with repeated treatments, and less frequent visits may be required. Muscle memory in reverse!

Dysport injections can show results in about 1 to 3 days, while Botox injections normally take 5 to 15 days before any improvement can be seen.

Numbness, bruising, swelling, or a feeling of burning may be felt in and around the injection site. Simply placing ice before and after the procedure in the treated area can alleviate any of these issues.

In terms of cost, all three are quite similar. Initially, Dysport appears to cost about a third of what Botox costs. However, the potency of the injections is approximately a third of the potency of a Botox injection, meaning you will need 3 times the injections to achieve the desired result. Hence, the prices are very similar.

Dr. Mash will advise you on which of the three to use depending on the injection need.



Before and After BOTOX®

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